Non-rectangular sensors

All prior image sensors are rectangular. They break or crack when bent. Our technology enables non-rectangular shapes with rounded corners that allow them to be used in flexible devices that can be worn about the body without breaking or cracking when bent.


Applications include: Wearable testing or treatment devices, and a capsule or small disposable sensing probe


Edge-to-edge sea of pixels

Conventional sensors with rows of pixels have significant blind spots that cannot detect incident light due to the 'picture frame' architecture. Our sensors eliminate these blind spots across or surrounding the sensor surface, enabling the creation of superior devices - for example thinner endoscopes that are less invasive to the patient, and larger size detector by multiple sensor tiling.


Applications include: Micro- endoscope | X-ray flat panel CMOS detector 


Side-illuminated sensors

Today’s photonic sensors are front or back illuminated where photons are only captured at shallow depth to absorp visible light. Our unique side-illuminated sensor designs allow incident Near Infrared light (NIR) or X-ray to travel further along the silicon substrate surface for detection with high sensitivity and low crosstalk. Our side-illuminated sensors can additionally enhance image capture by being formed to a desired shape as flat, convex, concave, or circular by photolithography and etching steps.


Applications include:NIR spectroscopy diagnosis or treatment, and wide angle or 360 degree NIR-TOF for drone and robotic system


High speed and low power consumption CT scanner

Our proposed CT scanner enables higher speed data flow at lower noise level. The parallel data from the sensor arrays are directly recorded into the solid-state disk inside the rotating gantry without using mechanical serial interface like a slip-ring. Energy harvesting mechanism is introduced inside the gantry utilizing kinetic energy of the high speed rotating part.


Applications include:Mobile CT scanners and connected hospital cars