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Remote & eco-friendly
medical service



 In vivo & non-invasive diagnostic & Treatment devices

Applications for our technology include:

visible & X-Ray

  • Disposable Thin-Endoscope
  • Capsule Camera
  • Large Area CMOS based X-Ray Imaging System

near infra-red

  • Non-Radiative Mammography
  • Smart and Wearable Pulse Oximeter
  • 360-degree Time of Flight (TOF) Distance Measurement

For Vehicles

  • Stroke Space Free or Vertical Scan Mobile-CT
  • Mobile-CT with Energy Harvesting Mechanism 
  • Fuel Cell Hospital Car equiped with our Mobile-CT without Exhaust Gas and Noise 

Eco-Friendliness: Our sensors and CT scanners are CMOS based with much lower power consumption for decarbonization.