Key differentiators of our IP


1. CMOS sea of pixels structure enables an effective sensor surface on both very small chip or very large tiled X-Ray Panel.

2. Side-illuminated CMOS sensors increase NIR or X-ray sensitivity, reducing the amount of radiation required.

3. Non-rectangular chip forms (polygon, circle, curved surfaces) allow for the creation of flexible and versatile devices.


1. On chip ADC for the side-illuminated CMOS sensors.

2. Horizontal and vertical scanning circuits are integrated on the second chip under the top sensor chip having the sea of pixels.

3. Regenerative brake circuit with clutch mechanism is installed inside the CT gantry. 

mobile-CT and vehicle

1. Slip-ringless high speed, low power and compact CT scanner

2. Vertically -scan CT using magnetically floating mechanism 

3. Hospital car equiped with our CT scanner avoiding nosocomial infections like a case of COVID-19, for example.